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To join now and start earning in 14 days from today, follow the steps below:

1. click on REGISTER/LOGIN button
2. Then enter admincity   as your support Id
3. Click on Register button
4. Fill the registration form. Please make sure your name and details correspond with your bank details. You may have payment delay problems if your details does not match
5. Pay franchisee/Registration fee of #4000 to company bank account either by going to the bank to deposit or by making an online transfer. Please always use your registered support id (the one you used during your registration) as payment remark name during your bank  transfer payment or bank deposit payment for easy tracking of your payment.

6. After payment, simply send email to or send whatsapp message to 08157054313. Send information on the amount you paid, date of payment, and the registered ID you paid for.

7. Once the above information is received by our admin, Your account will get activated immediately, or within 24hours. After activation, your account is now positioned to start earning.

8. To verify if your account has been activated after your payment, all you need to do is to enter your support ID and password to login. If you are able to login, then your account is activated and ready. If you cannot login after 24hours, it means your account has not been activated. Send your details again starting date of payment/transfer and your suppport ID you paid for. Note that your account will always be activated immediately within 1-4 hours. Only in rare cases it may take upto 24 hours for activation.

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N.B: . Kindly note that, if you are choosing investments, you will need to login into your account finance area, then choose the amount you are investment, submit the application page and fund your account for the amount your are investing. Your capital+your earnings will land back into your account in 14 working days. No stories. No gimmicks.


Make all your payments only to Company Account below :

Account name: Liberty Drums LCC

Bank name: Fidelity bank

Account number: 5600068693
Amount: #4000


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