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Like our vision, Our HOPE CENTER chief goals are to help you become financially free by educating you on how to become rich doing business online. We show you how to lauch an online business, help you to identify genuine online investments, and help you all the way up. The other goal is to transform the lives of the very poor by our charity works and donations from our business.

What is Affiliate Business and How does it work.

Affiliate Business is the process where you receive money or a commission by promoting other company's products.

What is Affiliate business? It is a business model where You find a product that you like to promote, then promote it to others who may need it, and then earn a commission out of the profit for each sale that you make. In this way, the company that owns the product or service is happy for selling their product, and you that have reffered the buyer to the company to make a purchase is also happy for getting some cash out of the company's profit, and finally the buyer is happy for finding the product or service they need through you. Its a win-win situation.

Affiliate business is not an easy marketing business. You need to follow certain guide or procedure to become successful with it. Some of the steps to follow include:


1. You have to determine what product or service to sell
2. Select an appropriate affiliate marketing business model
3. Study the company policy, Terms of service and Chargebacks
4. Consider the profit margin and tenure
5. Consider the company cookie retension system and duration
6. Check the mode of payment of your income. Is it by Paypal, Wire Transfer or direct deposit to your local bank account
7. Duration of income payment

After due consideration of these steps, you will then decide whether the affilaite program is for you or not.

For most people, means of receiving payment from their foreign affiliate partners is their most challenging block. At home of Home of Prosperity, we can use our foreign accounts and partners to help you collect your earned income. We simply collect just 5% of your earnings. We receive payments via Paypal, Wire Transfers and USA and UK bank deposits.

OUR Own Affiliate business
At home of prosperity, apart from other affiliate products we promote, we also have our own affiliate program. You earn #3000 commission for every product or service referrer you help us sell or you get 20% of sales value of any product or service, which ever is higher. We sell and buy software, APPS, Books and offer Web development services.

To join our affiliate referral program, follow the following steps:



Get paid monthly with one time investment in Home of Prosperity(HOP) direct referral system. Payment has been ongoing since 2013.

This is not MMM or ponzi scheme. You make a one time registration fee of just #4000 and qualify to earn #3000 monthly.

If you refer someone using your ID, you earn double points and gets double payment for the month. You earn #3000 for each person you refer using your ID. This means if you refer 10 persons today, you will get paid #30,000 today plus another #3000 as qualified income to you. All money is paid into your bank account for you to withdraw.

This process is a guaranteed income for you or anyone you know.

It has been working since 2013. Home of Prosperity is a fully registered company by Government and by the CAC. We are a technology company that leverages on software, technology, investment and marketing. A percentage of net fund is channelled to charity works



1. Visit www.homeofprosperity.com (You may be here already)

2. Then click on REGISTER

3. Enter your sponsor ID. If you dont have any, dont worry. Simply enter admincity as your support ID.

4. Click on Register again

5. Fill the form. Please use correct details. The information you provide is what will be used in paying you. Make sure your name and bank information are correct

6. After filling the form, click on SUBMIT

7. The page for payment will appear. If you have an HOP e-wallet, then click pay with HOP currency or wallet. If you dont have HOP currency, then head to the bank and pay into our company account below. You can do an online transfer as well. Pay #4000 into the following account either by bank deposit or by bank Transfer.


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 5600068693


AMOUNT: #4000

8. After payment, simply send email to service@homeofprosperity.com or send whatsapp message to 08157054313. Send information on the amount you paid, date of payment, and the registered ID you paid for.

9. Once the above information is received by our admin, Your account will get activated immediately, or within 24hours. After activation, your account is now positioned to start earning.

10. To verify if your account has been activated after your payment, all you need to do is to enter your support ID and password to login. If you are able to login, then your account is activated and ready. If you cannot login after 24hours, it means your account has not been activated. Send your details again starting date of payment/transfer and your suppport ID you paid for. Note that your account will always be activated immediately within 1-4 hours. Only in rare cases it may take upto 24 hours for activation.

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You will be amazed how simple online wealth can begin. Start that journey now. Do not procastinate. This opportunity may soon not be available anymore to new members. Join now before our company takes away this golden opportunity forever.

Our goal is not to make you rich overnight. We dont promise that hear. If that is your goal, Home of Prosperity may not be for you.

All genuine and lasting wealth are built. Our goal is to help you build your wealth. You achieve this by learning, practising and doing. Join our affiliate franchise today and start the journey to wealth



Austin Godswealth

Director, Homeofprosperity.com,

Nigeria Chapter